I Signed Up For PayPerPost!

Last month during a casual conversation with a friend, I learned that people can make money blogging! Being a stay-at-home-mom with no income and lingering student loan debt, I immediately jumped on the opportunity to learn how I, too, could make money by doing what I love to do–writing! An experienced blogger friend whose average blogging income is $500 a month advised me to sign up for PayPerPost to get started making money. Having just met the 10 posts and 30 days requirement yesterday, I signed up on PayPerPost.com this morning, received notification that my blog had been approved shortly thereafter, and here I am tonight taking my first PayPerPost opportunity! I am so excited to have finally found a way to make a little money while still fulfilling my most important role of raising up the children whom the Lord has given me. I certainly hope this pans out for me, as I would love to start chipping away a little faster at my student loan debt. The Lord has always been faithful to meet all of our needs, and my husband has a wonderful job that provides well for our family; but since starting our Total Money Makeover at the end of last year, we have seen that a little extra income would go a long ways in helping us to become debt free. So thank you, PayPerPost, for this wonderful opportunity!

If you like to write and wouldn’t mind making a little extra income, maybe you, too, should join the blog network!