Male and Female He Created Them

Yesterday I blogged about how my son Abel is turning into a little man before my eyes. Today my thoughts have turned to the developing womanhood of my (almost) one year-old daughter Amariah.

Yesterday afternoon as I was trying to get myself and the kids ready to head to the grocery store, Amariah decided to take herself upstairs. Still busy getting Abel’s shoes on, I let her go do her thing thinking that she would soon be ready to come back down. Several minutes passed, and I noticed that everything seemed a little too quiet upstairs–usually the first warning sign that I need to check things out. I quietly headed up the stairs, and as I peeked into Abel’s bedroom, Amariah turned around with the sweetest little grin on her face as she held Abel’s baby doll to her chest–certainly not a naughty thing, but still something that I needed to see! Baby doll still in her arms, I asked Amariah if she would like to take it along with us to the store. She gave me an affirmative grunt, and we headed for the van. As I loaded her into her carseat, I could hardly pry her arms away from the baby long enough to get her strapped in. She held that baby tightly for most of our grocery shopping trip. Later in the evening I watched as Amariah spent a good half hour pretending to put her own pajamas on the baby. As a mother, it was so much fun to see my daughter’s nurturing nature revealing itself. Sure, she is hardly more than a baby herself; but it cannot be denied that God has created male and female for very distinct and different purposes–complimentary to each other and equally important, but still distinct and different.

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  1. Amber Flinn says:

    I can totally see her doing that, too cute!