$8 Prescription Eyeglasses?!

Okay, so I don’t wear prescription eyeglasses, but when I saw that ZenniOptical.com‘s prices start at $8 per pair, I was shocked! My dad orders glasses from his local optometrist, and he spends hundreds of dollars for one pair! Wondering how this amazing price could be legitimate, I checked out the story FOX News recently did on Zenni Optical which posed the question, “Zenni Optical: Deal or Dud?” According to FOX News’ investigation, Zenni Optical may be a dud for small children or people with more complicated prescriptions; but older children, adults, or people who have been wearing eyeglasses for a number of years will likely find ZenniOptical.com‘s incredibly low-priced and stylish products to be quite a deal. So check it out–maybe you’ll “see” something that’s right for you!