Thoughts from a Tired Woman

Can I just say… I feel terrible! Being pregnant is kicking my butt! I’m so tired I could hardly care less about anything but sleep (which poses a slight problem considering the fact that I have a husband, two toddlers, and a home to care for); and on top of that, I have a cold that has left me with a sore throat, headache, chronic cough, and no voice. Combine all this and you get an extremely tired pregnant woman who can’t sleep and doesn’t have enough time to try. Not a very good scenario.

There. Those are my complaints from my temporal perspective.

BUT… if I can get over myself for a moment and look at this with an eternal perspective, I would realize that the privilege and blessing of carrying a child whom God has given me is worth the short-lived (it will be short-lived, right?) misery. I would realize that I am called to put the needs of others before my own. I would realize that I have a God who provides for all my needs and who never slumbers nor sleeps. I would realize how blessed I am to have an understanding, helpful husband. I would realize that I am to praise God and give Him thanks in all things–even when I feel terrible.

So, as I search for the capacity to praise God in spite of myself, I’m off to bed for what I hope will not be another sleepless night.