Getting to Know You

My blogging friend Lynnette Kraft (author of one of my favorite blogs, Dancing Barefoot on Weathered Ground) has had a great idea!  She is hosting a blogging event called “Getting to Know You” through which all we blog writers and/or readers can do a little “blog networking.”  Stop by Lynnette’s blog by clicking on the button below to check out the rules and to join in this “Getting to Know You” event!  By doing so you will get some new visitors to stop by your own blog, and you might just find other great blogs in the process, too!

One Comment

  1. What a great idea!

    I have been keeping up with you via your blog, I don’t think I’ve commented before.

    You have a beautiful family. Remember at David and Rebekah’s wedding when we really had no clue what it meant to be mommy’s? Now we’re in the throws of it! What a blessing.

    And two more on the way. Congratulations. Praying for you!