04/14/09 OB Appointment

Today I am 30 weeks 4 days pregnant and feeling great!  I had another routine OB appointment this afternoon, and everything looked good!  My total weight gain for this pregnancy is up to 30 pounds, my blood pressure remains normal, and my uterus is measuring 36 cm.  Baby A’s heart was beating at 154 bpm and Baby B’s at 144 bpm.

The doctor commented that our goal should be to make it five more weeks, at which point our babies would probably be able to go home from the hospital with us.  I told him I’m hoping (and praying!!!) to make it at least that long!

My next appointment and ultrasound is scheduled for Friday, April 24th, right at the 32-week mark.  That day we will also be sent to Labor & Delivery for a non-stress test, the first of what will be a weekly routine from here on out.  I pray that my babies will pass these tests with flying colors and that there will be no cause for alarm (or false alarm, for that matter)!

To the many of you who are praying for us, THANK YOU!  Thank you for caring, and thank you for being the Body of Christ to us.  May God bless you richly just as He is us for whom you are praying!


  1. Mom2Valerie says:

    Great news, Angela! Praying those little ones stay put and grow healthy and strong for a safe delivery. My friend, Mellie, had twin boys at around 35/36 weeks a week before I had my daughter. They were each almost 7 pounds and went home after two days! (Funny thing is, my daughter decided to show up TEN days late, so when her boys were born I was already overdue…and not too happy about it either! My friends were all afraid to tell me Mellie had her twins. I didn’t want to go to church the Sunday after the twins were born, because I knew I’d get a million questions of “Now when is your baby going to arrive?” or “You’re still pregnant?” Looking back, it’s quite funny…but, at the time, I was quite crabby! Hehe! My poor husband…)

  2. Mom2Valerie says:

    By the way, are you going to post belly pics at all? I’d love to see them! 😉

  3. Veronica says:

    Hi there. I’m with Stephanie about you posting belly pics! I just love seeing pictures! I will continue to pray for you and your babies. Five more weeks my seem like a lifetime but it will fly by and you’re little ones will be here before you know it!

  4. LisaShaw says:

    I so give GOD the praise and glory. I continue to pray for you and your little ones.

  5. Angela says:

    We do take weekly belly pics, and I post them in an album on Facebook. If you’re on Facebook, you could add me as a friend… or would it be better for me to keep an updated picture on my blog, too?

  6. rebekah says:

    I bet your home is very anxious and excited about the new arrivals…you are doing great. Take it easy and the little ones will come when they are ready, how exciting!

  7. I think we need some pregnant pictures! I want to see what a 30 week pregnant Angela looks like. :)