Twin Birth Story, part 2: The Babies

As I lay on the operating room table listening to the sound of my newborn Baby A (Isabel Hope) crying from across the room, I heard someone say, “Three pounds, fifteen point eight ounces.” Immediately, I knew what that meant. Isabel would not be staying with me – she would be heading to the NICU because of her small size. It wasn’t long before someone came over to tell me just that. Before she was taken from the operating room, Isabel was brought to me so that I could “meet” her. My bundled little baby was still crying, but at the sound of my voice she immediately became calm. I spoke softly to her and kissed her sweet little face and wished that I could hold her and keep her right there with me. The unfairness of it all briefly crossed my mind – I am her mother, the one who carried her for nine months and the one who just underwent surgery to bring her into this world and the one who loves her more than any other person possibly could, yet I have no choice in this matter but to stay here on this operating table while my baby who needs me is taken elsewhere. Man, that was a hard moment; but I had to believe that God’s grace would see us through.

Meanwhile, our Baby B (Elliana Faith) had been born and was crying just as vigorously as her sister. How reassuring it was to hear two strong, healthy cries. As we had suspected, Elliana was big enough (5 lbs. 10.2 oz.) to avoid the automatic trip to the NICU; but due to her low blood sugar, she would be immediately taken to the regular nursery and given formula. Again, thoughts of the unfairness of the situation came rolling in. I am the one who has done all the work, and now I don’t get to have either one of my babies. I hadn’t even seen Elliana yet, so I requested that she be brought to me before being taken away. I whispered to her of my love for her and kissed her soft little cheek, and then she, too, left the room.

I don’t remember most of the rest of that day thanks to all the medications in my system, but I do remember that Elliana was able to join Travis and me in our room shortly after I arrived back there. Her blood sugar would be continually checked every eight hours, and she would continue to receive formula until my milk came in; but she would be staying with me! And four days later, on June 1st, she would be discharged with me, as well!

Over in the NICU, Isabel, who also had low blood sugar (and zero fat reserves), had been placed on an IV through which she was receiving sugar water to supplement the formula she was taking by bottle. Each day her IV drip was gradually decreased and her formula intake gradually increased until finally the IV was removed and all her calories were coming from formula (fortified breast milk once my milk came in). She received some phototherapy for a couple days for slight jaundice and remained in an isolette until she was able to maintain her body temperature in an open crib. Eleven days after her birth – and one week after my and Elliana’s discharge – on June 8th, Isabel was discharged from the NICU and came home to join the rest of her family!

The details of my twins’ birth story certainly did not go exactly as I had hoped and prayed, but as I sit here writing this post while holding two beautiful, healthy babies on my chest, I can only praise God for His perfect plan. I may not understand it, but I don’t need to….



  1. Mom2Valerie says:

    So precious Angela! So happy to hear all three of your are doing well and are home now. Congratulations again – what sweet little miracles!

  2. Elaine says:

    congratulations! so glad that everyone is healthy! :)

  3. Linda says:

    Oh Angela what blessings your two little girls are! I am so happy that you are all home now and doing well. (You are beaming)!!!

    God is so good! I just know your husband, other kiddos, and rest of the extended family and friends are rejoicing with you,…and so am I.

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  4. Linda says:

    I forgot to say that you chose such beautiful names!! They are bound to be girlie girls with those lovely names. ((smile))

  5. I LOVE the new family picture!!!!

  6. I’m so glad to hear that you and the babies are doing well! Don’t forget to take it easy (as hard as that may be). I did too much after my second c-section and I still have a spot that bothers me and I’m sure it’s because I didn’t give my body enough time to heal before I started picking up Landen and trying to clean and more. By the way…you look great!

  7. LisaShaw says:

    Congratulations again. You and the little ones look so blessed and happy. I love it!

  8. Kailan says:

    OH, these stories have brought tears to my eyes. God did know. Thank you for being such an inspiration to trust God even when things don’t go towards a natural plan. I share your feelings on these matters and you have made me not so stubborn about what does end up happening with my own birth stories. Your family is beautiful, making us see God’s beauty.

  9. You look so beautiful with your twin baby girls. What a neat story you have. Do you find yourself a little busy? :) hee hee

  10. September says:

    Angela –
    I have been away from reading my blogs lately, and you have been on my mind. I was so happy today to read about your sweet babies and their blessed delivery. The Lord had His plan in place from the beginning. Your trust just made it all so much easier for Him. Your babies are beautiful! Congratulations! I have been praying for you steadfastly.

  11. Are you a little busy friend? :) hee hee I think it’s cute that you aren’t around much anymore…it must be having TWO BABIES AT ONE TIME! Just wanted you to know I was thinking about you today.