My Four Gifts

We are blessed.  I knew that children are a blessing, and I knew that twins would be a double blessing, but I never could have imagined how great that double blessing would be.  When I look at my two babies I am awed by the goodness of God.  If we must be done having children, what a way to go out–with not one baby but two to love and enjoy.  Last night, as I looked at them lying side-by-side on my lap, I said to my husband, “My joy couldn’t be more full….”  They are incredible gifts, and I love them.

And then there’s Abel… probably the only son we’ll ever have.  He is such a big little boy.  He’s smart, attentive, caring, and responsible.  He’s my companion and my extra set of hands.  He is a gift, and I love him.

And Amariah.  She has such a love for life.  She’s sweet, cute, silly, and fun.  She’ll steal your heart in an instant.  She is a gift, and I love her.

“Behold, children are a gift of the Lord, the fruit of the womb is a reward.” (Psalm 127:3)


  1. Travis says:

    We are so blessed!

  2. monica brooks says:

    i am so glad u r feeling peace & contentment from the Lord. recently He has helped me surrender a lot of things & then feel the contentment. we know His plans r best. but, 4 me, my own ideas/stubbornness get in the way. praise God u r full of joy! only He knows the plan 4 your family.
    motherhood is amazing!
    p.s. your abel sounds like my bryler. & amariah has bryzyk’s personality! it will b fun 2 know the twins’ personalities.