Isabel and Elliana’s Four-Month Check-up!

On Friday I took Isabel and Elliana in to the doctor for their four-month well child exams.  As a breastfeeding mother, I was excited (and proud!) to learn that both girls are growing well and that Isabel is still closing the gap in size between her and her sister.  Two months ago Isabel was approximately two pounds smaller and two inches shorter than Elliana; now the difference is only about one pound and one inch!  Isabel is continuing to grow faster than the average growth curve, and Elliana stayed on about the same curve.  Here’s their stats….

Height:  23 in (just over the 10th percentile)
Weight:  11 lbs 6 oz (10th percentile)

Height:  24 in (between the 25th and 50th percentile)
Weight:  12 lbs 3 oz (between the 10th and 25th percentile)

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  1. monica brooks says:

    praise God for their growth!