Kids Say, vol. 2

Yesterday I rearranged Abel and Amariah’s toys, moving a lot of what was in their bedroom to the basement.  I’ve noticed that every time I move toys around, there is a new level of excitement in the kids–almost like they are discovering each toy for the first time.  This excitement combined with unfamiliarity of where each toy goes (Have I mentioned before that I’m particular? :-)) creates ample opportunity for mess-making.  Tonight, as I observed both bedroom and basement toys lying all over the main level of the house, the following conversation ensued.

Me:  You guys have gone through this place like two tornadoes making a mess.
Abel:  I’m not a tomato!  I’m a pickle!

One Comment

  1. Hee hee.. That’s funny. You should join Abigail for her Short Answers. Your kids would love it! :)

    Have a fun day.