Kids Say, vol. 3

During supper, Abel asked me what ketchup looks like; so I turned the question back on him, encouraging him to describe it to me.

Abel:  Ummm… it has tomato juice in it.
Me:  What color is it?
Abel:  Red.
Me:  And what does it feel like?
Abel:  Hurt.
Me:  Hurt?  What does that mean?
Abel:  If you don’t like it, it gets hurt.


Abel has become quite the problem solver.  Often when I give him a reason why we can’t do something that he asks to do, he comes up with a “solution.”  Following is just one example of his problem solving skills…. (*Note:  Amariah has a pair of sandals that light up when she walks.)

Abel:  Mommy, can we go to the park?
Me:  Not tonight, honey.  It’s already dark.
Abel:  Well, we could take Sissy’s shoes–they have lights on them….

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  1. davideelder says:

    Kids are so much fun, Noah is becoming very conversational as well. I love the new banner you have across the top of you blog. Mary is working on one for me with multiple pictures until I can figure it out myself (or have the time)!