Getting Practical… Again

I find that the toughest things are sometimes done best on a whim.

While I was nursing the babies this morning, I said to Abel without much premeditated thought, “Abel, do you think we should get rid of some of your toys?” Much to my surprise, he answered, “Yeah, we have way too many toys. Here, I’ll start making a pile of toys to get rid of.” And as his little pile began to grow, so did my motivation.

It’s been almost a year ago that I determined the need to get practical with the amount of stuff (i.e. clothes and toys) we are hanging on to. Unfortunately, my resolve wasn’t strong enough at the time; I ended up reorganizing toys instead of minimizing them, recognizing the fact that someday I would have to face the growing toy problem.

So, thanks to my whim and Abel’s inspiration, today was that day! We are officially getting rid of three larger toys and two diaper boxes full of smaller toys! In fact, if I would have let him – and I probably should have – Abel would have parted ways with even more than that. Perhaps that will be for another day….


  1. I think Abel is like me in this respect. I enjoy and appreciate a few special things much more than a whole bunch of “stuff”. He’s very big to recognize that he can part with some of it. Good Job, Abel Ray!

  2. Can he come motivate me??? I keep saying I’m going to get tough…
    ps–you wash as many ziplock bags as you want! You go girl! šŸ˜‰

  3. September says:

    Angela – I have a special Blog Award for you to pick up when you can!