Kids Say, vol. 5

I have collected a few more funnies…. :-)

Abel (while getting tucked in at bedtime):  Mommy, is it going to be Summer in the morning?


Me (to Abel when he showed up downstairs a while after getting tucked in for bed):  What are you doing up?
Abel:  Well… I just rolled over, and suddenly I realized I couldn’t sleep!


A couple days after “it finally clicked,” Amariah jumped up from her play in the living room and took off running towards the bathroom announcing, “I need go potty!  I need go potty!”  Then, while still on the run, she looked over her shoulder, pointed to her butt, and said, “Don’t come out, potty!”


  1. You know you are torturing me, don’t you? These cute stories make me ache to hug them. Do it for me.

  2. Jenilee says:

    :) I love posts like this. so cute!