They Say…

Periodically, I do a post I call Kids Say as a way of recording and remembering the cute things my kids say. What I am discovering as a mom of four young children is that kids aren’t the only people who, unawares, say entertaining things. Today, I thought I’d do a post on the usually funny/sometimes rude/occasionally flattering things people say when they see me with my four kids….

Slightly-Bristled-and/or-Judgmental Total Stranger in Chiropractor’s Office: “You have four kids?! You don’t look old enoughto have four kids!”(Almost) Every Total Stranger in (Almost) Every Place: “Boy, do you have your hands full….”

Sight-Seeing Total Stranger in Wal-Mart: “Look at that! And I thought I had my hands full. Next time I’m feeling overwhelmed, I’ll just think of you!… Wow!…

Non-Observant Total Strangers: “Two sets of twins??”

Curious Total Strangers: “Are they all yours?”

Advanced-in-Years Total Stranger in an Elevator: “I’ve never seen so many kids in my life!!”


  • Even at 27 years of age and 5 years of marriage, I sometimes don’t feel old enough to have four children. :-)
  • My hands may be “full,” but my heart is overflowing.
  • Abel and Amariah are 15 1/2 months apart and a head different in height.
  • Yes, they are all mine–and not by accident. :-)
  • None of the above comments have been evoked by some display of bad or obnoxious behavior but simply by the sight of four children in my presence. :-)


  1. Stefanie says:

    LOL! I get the “you’ve got your hands full” all the time…even before Ethan was born! I have also had people ask me if Landen and Adellyn are twins!

  2. Lisa says:

    Those total strangers need to visit some places overseas.. Our neighbors have 8 girls and 5 boys! Can you imagine what they would say to that mom?!?! :) Your an amazing mom!