Kids Say, vol. 8

Elliana (in a rather deep voice):  “Dubba dubba dubba dubba.”
Abel:  “Mommy, did you hear Elliana talking grumpy?”


In efforts to develop in our children hearts that desire to pray for all people, we have placed a world map on Abel and Amariah’s bedroom wall from which they each get to choose a country or countries to pray for during our bedtime routine.  Tonight, Amariah pointed to the map.  “I wanna pray for… that one!”  “Okay!” I said.  “The Congo!  Let’s pray for the Congo and for our friends Owen and Stephanie, because they are going to the Congo to tell people about Jesus!”  After we prayed for this, Abel went to the map to make his choice.  Amariah said, “But it’s my turn to pray!”  Travis reminded her, “Mommy just helped you pray for the Congo.  Remember?”  “The Congo?!” she excitedly replied.  “Who he?!”

One Comment

  1. Owen says:

    Ha ha! Thank you. We do the same thing with a map in our dining room. It took Larinda quite awhile to realize that “Africa” is not a person.