Love Much, Hurt Much

This morning has been a not-so great end to a great Fall weekend….

On Saturday, Travis and the kids and I traveled out of town to visit family. Watching football, celebrating our nephew’s first birthday, visiting our old church, spending a few hours at a pumpkin farm–and, of course, just being with family–all made for a weekend full of fun… and not much sleep. :-)

(This would be the appropriate place to insert some cute pictures of our kids at the pumpkin farm; but, in classic Angela style, I forgot to grab my camera out of my kitchen drawer before leaving home…. *Sigh*)

The not fun part of the weekend began this morning at 5:30 when Travis woke up sick… and then at 8:00 when Abel woke up sick. As if it’s not hard enough to see my beloved and strong husband and my sweet and innocent son not feeling well, I worry as I wonder if and when it will be the girls’ turns. And mine….

It’s times like this when being a mother hurts…. :-(


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  1. Angela says:

    And now it’s Elliana’s turn…. My poor baby. :-(