MoveBuilder Blog

Americans, you are living in a time and place where life just seems to naturally require a lot of stuff. Clothes, toys, furniture, appliances, books, electronics, and all the things that make your home yours add up to a lot of stuff–whether or not you are a collector of clutter. This becomes no more evident than when it comes time to move. Emotional aspects aside, your stuff–as well as your limited resources of time and money–can make a move rather difficult and daunting.

BUTwhat if you had access to information that could help you to “build” an easier move? MoveBuilder’s moving blog is just that place. At The Blueprint, as it is called, you can get all the tools and information you need to help your move go smoothly. Their informative posts cover topics such as packing tips, parking issues, storage solutions, and relocation advice; and their site even offers an “ask the experts” tool where you can ask your questions about moving.

Moving is a lot of work, so let The Blueprint be your guide!