Listing My Way to a Better Me

I list.

I list To-Dos…and Have-Dones.

I list needs… and wants.

I list goals… and ideals.

I list who I am… and who I want to be.

I list where I want to go… and how I can get there.

I list.

I lay in bed awake at night, and I think about the areas in which I can do better… be better.  And then I think about steps I can take to get there… be there.

I have so many lists in my mind; and it occurred to me, I’m listing my way to a better me, but these lists are never going to get me there.

The more lists I make, the more I see how far I have to go; and the more I see how far I have to go, the more I recognize that I could never work hard enough to get there.

There is only one list that can effect true change… only one that can make me a better me.


  • Seek God. 



  1. Anonymous says:

    Great message Angela!! Thank you for the reminder! : )

    – Haley

  2. Stephanie says:

    Oh, SO true! Why is it that a truth so simply stated is so hard to follow…and to remember? Thanks for sharing!