A Little Extra Grace

As much as I like to have all the answers (especially when it comes to my kids), the opportunity to realize that I don’t never fails to arise.

I have taken pride in the fact that Isabel and Elliana have always gone to bed awake and put themselves to sleep quite easily (Thanks, Babywise!), rarely ever having to cry themselves to sleep… until recently.  For reasons I have yet to figure out, little Isabel has in recent weeks started crying every time I lay her down to sleep.  After determining that all her needs have been met, Travis and I have been fairly firm with her, instructing her to quit crying and to go to sleep.  And, she does.  But even after she has obeyed, I find myself still searching for possible reasons for her tears.  (Like I said, I like to have all the answers when it comes to my kids….) :-)

Last night, it was Elliana who threw me for a loop.  Both she and Isabel had gone to bed right on time with no complaints.  But after several minutes had passed, Elliana started crying.  This being unusual, I went in to check on her, discovered no reason for her crying, tucked her back in, and left.  Another several minutes later, her crying resumed; and, again I went in to quiet her.  We went through this cycle several times in the span of the following hour until finally, still seeing no obvious reason for her crying, I decided to do something that I never do.  I got her out of bed.

As I sat and rocked my sweet Elliana who was plastering herself to my chest and so obviously relishing in every ounce of my affection, I reflected on the joy of being able to extend grace to my children.  While for their own sakes I have guarded against them taking advantage of that motherly grace (You know the saying…. “Give him an inch, he’ll take a mile.”…), sometimes it just feels good to say, “You know what?  You should be sleeping, and I can see no reason why you aren’t, but just this once I’m going to show you a little extra grace.”

Isn’t that what we all need sometimes?  A little extra grace?…



  1. Amy S. says:

    I too have been struggling with getting Collin to go to sleep. He use to be my easy one! Carson is sound asleep by 7 and Collin is still awake at 9 most nights. I try to keep in mind that Collin takes a good afternoon nap and most likely isn’t tired at 7 when Carson is exhausted from his long day at school. However, I feel like 9 is a little excessive and I wish I could figure out why he’s struggling to get to sleep. IS he not tired? Is he just testing me? Does he need more one on one time? Is he scared of the dark? So many questions and I’m sure they won’t get any easier when we put the 2 boys in the same room this weekend in preparation for a new baby!

  2. Mary Kaisand says:

    I’ve heard this age is well known for nightmares?

  3. Amber Flinn says:

    Before I had Miles I thought I was going to be a drill sergeant. My child was going to be on a schedule, they would learn to obey early on, etc, etc. Because of all Miles’s conditions there were no schedules, no practicing early obedience, just survival. I did lots of things that everyone says not to do with your baby, because during many moments those things were the only options. Miles whole life demanded grace. Not that I’ve completely thrown out my previous parenting philosophies, but there are always exceptions for grace to be displayed. Moreover, our God isn’t strictly a Father of the law, but instead He fulfills the law by showing us grace. Good post Angela!

  4. Angela says:

    And a good comment, Amber! Well said!

  5. Natasha says:

    Appreciated your post. Those baby days pass quickly, and you’ll never regret enjoying that little extra snuggle time. Sometimes I need my Heavenly Father to hold me even when I’m not doing what is best. So thankful for his grace. I have to be reminded to show the same grace to my children. Thank you!

  6. nick&abby says:

    Adelyn has always done this…I started reading her a few books, praying with her and then rocking her for a while before I lay her down, and she seems to be alot calmer and go down easier….we still have our battles and she says “more” alot when I stop rocking to lay her down….but that time is so sweet b/c she isn’t going to be this little and want to cuddle with me for that much longer! :)