Becoming a Help Meet

I’ve just spent most of what is supposed to be my blogging time reading.  Debi Pearl’s Created To Be His Help Meet, as hard a book as it is to pick up, can be a pretty hard book to put down.  Because of its challenging nature, I normally limit myself to reading only one chapter in a sitting in order to allow for ample processing time; so now that I’ve just read three chapters at once, I feel like I need to just sit and stare at a wall and think… and pray.

The next time I pick up Created To Be His Help Meet, I will be beginning Part 2 of the book–what Debi refers to as the “Eight Practical Game Rules” from Titus 2:

  1. to be sober,
  2. to love their husbands,
  3. to love their children,
  4. to be discreet,
  5. chaste,
  6. keepers at home,
  7. good,
  8. obedient to their own husbands.

Sounds good, doesn’t it?!  I’m pretty excited to dive in.  I expect that it will take me years to thoroughly understand my role as Travis’ help meet–and years more to fully become that–but my heart is ready to learn.