Changes for the Better

I knew I needed to get back to exercising, but I hadn’t thought about the fact that exercise would affect more than just the way I look (eventually) and feel.  I’m only five days in to my new exercise routine, but already I’ve noticed some changes for the better.  I’ve been more motivated–and more successful–in avoiding unhealthy snacks, and I’ve been going to bed in time to actually get a full night of sleep!  Working out gives me that added sense of accomplishment that I apparently need in order to feel ready to call it a night.  The day just feels more complete, it seems, when “Workout” has been both added to and checked off my list.  (Yes, I am that person who adds an item to my list just so I can check it off.) :-)

Which brings me to another change I’ve recently made….

In 2010, I discovered both my need for a planner and my love of having one; and earlier this month I mentioned my plan to replace that expired planner with a 2011 one.  I did, indeed, purchase a new planner for the new year; but, after doing so, I decided not to use it.  Why?  Because Travis found a great application for my Samsung Mesmerize called Color Note which allows me to keep various checklists right on the home screen of my phone in a sort of post-it note style.  With it, I keep a note for each day’s To-Dos as well as a running projects list, a Costco list, and a grocery list.  So far, this is proving to be for me an even better method than the planner was of staying organized and on task.  And, no more getting to the store and realizing I forgot my list–it’s right on my phone (where the rest of my life is…)!


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  1. Stefanie says:

    This makes me wish I had the elliptical Elliot promised to buy since he bought an expensive “toy” for himself. I can’t wait to get it, but I don’t have anywhere to put it until the addition is done…which by then it will probably be nice enough to exercise outside! I could also benefit from the extra boost of energy and some more motivation! (I’m yawning and struggling to get motivated for anything as I write this!)