It Didn’t “Work Out”…

I thought maybe I would be trying out my new Gazelle Edge right about now; but instead of using it, I’m blogging about the fact that it is… unusable.

That’s right.  Amazon sent me a defective item.  Travis was preparing to assemble it for me when he discovered this….

The two bars on each side are connected by a hinge in the middle, and, when unfolded, they form the legs and base of the machine.  The bigger bar on the right hooks into the bigger bar on the left, and the smaller bar on the left hooks into the smaller bar on the right.  The problem is that the bigger bar on the right is defective, formed at an incorrect angle which makes the interlocking of the four ends impossible.  The piece on the right should look just like the piece on the left.  See the difference?

I contacted Amazon right away, and they were great about it.  They emailed me a return shipping label for the defective item and are sending a replacement via one-day shipping at no additional charge.  The only thing is, this all happened late enough in the day yesterday that I won’t actually receive the new one until tomorrow.  I am, of course, a little disappointed about the delay; but considering that I only started looking at Gazelles on Monday, having a usable one by Friday really isn’t so bad. :-)

And… speaking of Friday… I’m going to be posting some “action” shots, so come back and check them out!  (Don’t worry… I promise it won’t be pictures of me exercising!) :-)



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    Yes, I want to see some real exercise action of YOU posted here! :)