Doing It Without Debt!

Last Friday, Travis and I made our first significant purchase since becoming debt-free; and, boy, did it feel good to do it without “fleasing” (Dave term) or financing!

A couple years ago, Travis and I looked into getting both a water conditioning system and a drinking water system installed in our home; and, as much as we wanted the goods, our quest for debt-freedom stopped us from making the purchase at the time.

Once we were debt-free and able to make the purchase in cash, though, there was nothing stopping us!  We re-researched companies last week, settled on Culligan, and on Friday became the outright owners of both a water softener and a reverse osmosis drinking system!  No talk of lease terms or interest rates or down payments–just the signing of a check and the shaking of a hand!

I tell you, as much I’m enjoying my new water, I’m enjoying the fact that we made a pretty significant purchase WITHOUT DEBT(!) just as much.  And, I think Dave would agree that that makes good water taste and feel even better!


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  1. Anonymous says:

    you made the best choice… we choose differently and it was a pain in the butt to pay off… we would have been better waiting till our debt was paid down first… we know better now:)