This is Me

Frugality is this: using a badly broken hand mirror for 7 1/2 years by choice.

Wisdom is this: going to Wal-Mart during the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship to replace it. (Empty parking lot, empty store.)

Stupidity is this: discovering that my long-delayed expenditure would total a whopping $2.28.

Irony is this: realizing when I returned home that I had barbecue sauce all over my face.



  1. Amber Flinn says:

    I think the barbecue sauce all over your face is perfect. It probably made you fit right in with all the other Walmart customers. :)

  2. Linda says:

    HA! That is funny Angela! We all do things like that!

    Once I was talking to a lady who had a little tiny boogie hanging out of her nose…and I didn’t tell her. Then I told somebody else about it…and wouldn’t ya know…when I got home and looked in the mirror…I had a boggie in my own nose! God has ways of keeping us humble! *smile*

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits