Women “Knead” Power Tools, Too!

I have some new power tools, and I can’t wait to use them!…

A little over a year and a half ago, I started making my own bread; and after several months, lots of practice, and many failures, I finally started turning out loaves I wasn’t embarrassed of.  Going into bread-making, I had no idea how much of an art it really is; but my perseverance eventually began resulting in consistently good bread, and I began feeling like I finally knew what I was doing.  I even got confident enough to try a different recipe and was extremely pleased when I found quick success with it.

But the success was fleeting.  After several good batches of bread with the new recipe, I suddenly began having problems again.  Lots of troubleshooting revealed a couple adjustments I could make to possibly return to better results–and though they did help some, I still wasn’t happy with the loaves I was producing.

It was only just a few days ago that I finally realized my 18-month old KitchenAid mixer was the true problem.  It started acting up a couple months ago–dragging at times during both the wheat grinding process and the kneading process–but I didn’t know how much this was affecting the quality of my bread until I finally broke down last Thursday and hand-kneaded my dough, producing the best loaves I’ve made since switching recipes.

This was proof enough to me that my mixer needed to be replaced.  I had in mind to buy another KitchenAid one with a little more wattage, but perfect timing stopped me from making that mistake before it was too late:  I attended a bread-making presentation by Paula’s Bread, an authorized Bosch distributor, the next day.

“Kneadless” to say, I was sold on the Bosch Universal Plus Kitchen Machine before the presentation’s end, and my awesome husband bought me one later the same day!  (He bought me a L’Equip Nutrimill, too! :-))  I am putting my new power tool to work for the first time today, and I anticipate some great results!

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