I Guess They Were Right

You’re a busy mom….”

I can’t begin to number the times I’ve heard that statement upon making any type of public appearance with my four young children.  I must admit, its overuse over the past couple years has bothered me some, mostly because I haven’t felt all that “busy.”  I suppose I have been… busy, that is… but I guess when you’re busy doing what you have to do, you don’t always take time to think about how busy you actually are.

Lately, however, I can say that the common opinion that I am a busy mom has felt quite true.  For one thing, the return of the school year has taken a considerable chunk of time from my days.  After only four weeks of teaching a kindergartner and a preschooler simultaneously, I have found myself further behind in housework than I’ve been in while.  Indeed, I can’t deny that homeschooling is keeping me busy.

Oddly enough, though, that wasn’t what changed my mind on the “busyness” assessment.  It was the countless number of times in a day that I hear, “Mom, Mommy, Mom!” that caused me just the other day to stop and say to myself, “Yes… yes, I guess I am busy.”  I am the go-to person for four kids.  I am the helper for every need.  I am the answer-er for every question.  I am the listener for every story.  I am the entertainer of every idea.  I am a mother of four, and I. Am. Busy.