A New Look

Look who got glasses!  I went to the eye doctor this week for the first time in probably 20 years after noticing some increasing strain/discomfort in my right eye.  As I suspected, I need a slight correction in my right eye for near-sightedness and astigmatism, and an even slighter correction in my left eye for astigmatism.  I’ve been sporting my new eye wear for all of one day, and my right eye already feels better.  Amazing!  Now, if I can just get over the feeling that I forgot to take my sunglasses off, all will be well…. :-)


One Comment

  1. Love the new look! The crazy thing is that I got my new glasses the same day you posted this. I have had glasses/contacts for ages, however I have been wearing the same glasses for many years and I felt it was time for “a new look”.