Kids Say, vol. 16

Elliana (displaying a generally whiny attitude)

Isabel (very seriously and teacher-ly):  “Elliana…. You know what the Bible says?  If you love God… you don’t pout.”


Me (watching the ducks at the park):  “Who made ducks?”

Isabel:  “God.”


Elliana:  “Was there a God here fixing ducks?”


Me (praising Amariah at the end of the school day):  “Amariah, I’m really proud of you.  You worked very diligently on your Math, and you did a good job alphabetizing your letters…. And you know what else makes me happy?  You’ve been listening and you’ve been able to answer my questions…. You used to not know the answers.”

Amariah:  “That’s because I used to just screw around, I think. (pause, giggle) Now that’s Isabel and Elliana’s duty.