Finding Balance and Working Well

So much of my life as Mom is about finding balance. I remember when I was a little girl reading the quote on one of my mom’s knickknacks. “A mother’s work is never done,” it said. To my young self, it was a fresh and intriguing statement. I remember on several occasions reading it and pondering it and wondering how it could possibly be true. From my perspective, my mom had everything under control. She made good food, she made the house a home, she made real conversation a part of every day…. I just wasn’t convinced that my mom’s work wasn’t done… because the important stuff was never lacking.

But I’m a mom now, and I get it. That little cliche becomes truer with every passing year. The more time progresses, the more life becomes a race with the clock. There are more things to do than there are hours in the day; and, the fact is, not everything gets done.

It’s not just that a mother is responsible for many areas of “work” but that the “works” are vying for the same segment of time. No matter what I’m doing, there is always something else I could (or should) be doing. It’s up to me to make the best choices for my time.

The problem is that I don’t always make the best choices, and so I perpetually find myself standing in front of these ever-swaying scales, adding something here and removing something there in an attempt to finally find that perfect balance which will still the motion and put my household at operational ease.

While that’s a worthy goal, I know that realistically my scales are always going to be tipped one way or another. I’m not ever going to get all my “work” in perfect balance because I’m not a perfect person. The truth is, I will always tend to make time for the things I want to do and to neglect the things I don’t. But I can’t just be okay with that. I have to keep re-aligning my desires, checking my passions, and facing my faults so that I can live out motherhood in proper proportions.

A mother’s work is never done–that’s true. But being a mom isn’t about getting the work done. It’s about doing the work well. May I ever be learning the balance that requires.

So, tell me… in what ways do you struggle to find balance?

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