What’s a Super Mom, Anyway?

Today I’m guest posting over at Girl of Grace and answering the question I recently asked myself: “What’s a Super Mom, anyway?” I’ll give you a snippet of what I’m sharing with Stephanie’s readers, but you’ll have to click on over to finish reading! And while you’re there, take a minute to look around her blog! Stephanie is a sweet woman who seeks after God’s heart in all that she does, and I believe you will find encouragement in her journey.


I have four children. (Yes, they’re all mine. :-) ) Thanks to the responses of many a passerby, I have come to realize that having four children in this day and age seems like a lot to a lot of people. I suppose those who hold that view have varying reasons for thinking so. Perhaps it’s because of the “being outnumbered” mentality; perhaps it’s because of the unfortunate view that children are an inconvenience or a burden; or, perhaps it’s simply because of the fact that the more children you have, the “busier” you are. Whatever the thinking is, it often results in people forming one of two opinions about me: either (1) I must be crazy, or (2) I must be Super Mom…. [Click to read full story.]


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