The “Nouns” of Motherhood

Motherhood is beautiful for a lot of reasons. Moms have the amazing opportunity to love, nurture, teach, disciple, listen, comfort, encourage…. The verbs of motherhood are many–and granted, not all are so “lofty.” Changing diapers, scrubbing floors, picking up toys reminding the kids to pick up toys, doing laundry…. A mom’s “To Dos”–the verbs of motherhood–can seem unending and all-consuming. And so, often when we think about what defines motherhood, we think of the verbs. Today, I’m celebrating the nouns….

Abel is my firstborn, my beloved son. He is the one who initiated me into motherhood, and he is the one who has seen me through it every day. Abel is the nicest, most beautifully spirited 6-year old boy you will ever meet, and I can’t imagine my life without him.

Amariah is my sweet daughter. She is the beautiful gift I wanted so badly, whose arrival brought tears of joy to my eyes and fullness of joy to my heart. She is like a gentle breeze on a warm day—a subtle comfort, a steady relief. Her innocent joy and genuine love bring me back to reality every day.

Isabel and Elliana are my twin daughters—my double blessing. Isabel (R) is my constant companion, my “Mommy-in-training.” She never misses a beat, and she won’t be beaten. Elliana (L) is almost undefinable, always finding her own beat. She is as tenderhearted as they come, having a passionate love for animals and giving the softest kisses you’ll ever know.

Travis is my husband and best friend. By trade, he is a partner in the Public Finance department of an Investment Bank here in Des Moines; by nature, a wonderful husband and father. I may be the woman behind this successful man, but he is also the man behind this woman. He loves me, provides for me, and cherishes me. He encourages me in my strengths and gives me grace in my weaknesses. I would not be the woman, wife, mom, or friend that I am if it weren’t for the man that he is.

These beautiful people whom God has entrusted to me are really what my job as Mom is all about. Today, I celebrate them.

What do you appreciate about the “nouns” of your motherhood? I would love for you to share your heart in the comments.


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  1. Tammy Rice says:

    I agree on all!!! And you are not to be forgotten…your qualities are endless. It’s been a joy to be your mom and watch you be such a great wife and mother. You are a HUGE blessing to Dad and I. We are proud of you!

    1. @Tammy Rice Thanks for the comment and the kind words, Mom. I could have easily listed you as one of the “nouns” of my motherhood, too, because you have taught me so much about what it is to be a wife and mother. Thanks for always being my biggest fan… well, next to Isabel, anyway…. 😉

  2. Rachel V says:

    Aww, love this post. Sometimes we forget to think of why we do the things we do. For our “nouns”. Very well put.

    1. @Rachel V Perspective. :-)