‘Tis the Season

It’s time to officially start celebrating the Christmas season! I’ve had much of my shopping done for several weeks, but it wasn’t until this morning that we put up the Christmas tree while listening to our first songs of the season. 

We would normally have been homeschooling this morning instead of decorating, but we are unfortunately being reminded that this is the season for not just holidays but also sick days. Abel came down with what we assume is the stomach flu during the night last night; and the rest of us are feeling like sitting ducks, just wondering when/if it will be our turn. We’re just thankful that we made it through our Thanksgiving festivities and completed our travels before this hit. And if I end up sick on the couch, at least the tree and all that it stands for will be right there, reminding me of all I have to feel joyful about.

Here’s wishing you and yours and happy (and healthy!) Christmas season!