“Weighing” My Eating Habits

If there is one side effect of having twins which I am still dealing with, it’s this: eating too much.

We all know the joke that a pregnant lady eats for two… or in the case of twins, for three. Of course, we also know that an expectant mother’s caloric intake shouldn’t literally double (or triple); but the point is, pregnancy makes a momma hungry! And so does nursing. Especially nursing twins.

Throughout the almost 9 months I carried twins and then the 14 I spent nursing them, I legitimately developed a BIG appetite. My serving sizes increased, as did the speed at which I demolished them. I was healthfully hungry, and I didn’t hold back from nourishing my body so that it could nourish the two others who depended upon me.

The problem is that when nursing came to an end, my enlarged appetite didn’t. I continued to eat the larger portions I was accustomed to eating; and suddenly, my intake exceeded my outgo. That combined with the supposition that my metabolism is slowing down explains why my body weight has very gradually increased over the past two+ years.

While I know that I still “look good” and that I am still within a healthy weight range for my build, I also know that I have to draw the line somewhere. At some point, another couple pounds will neither look/feel good nor be healthy; and a continuation of gradual weight gain will only put me farther from where I really ought to be.

That’s why I’m drawing the line here… because 5 or 6 pounds is a lot easier to lose than 15 or 16.

Now don’t get me wrong. I do realize there is more to measuring health than looking at the number on the scale; but I do think that the scale helps me to “weigh” (pun intended) my lifestyle. And given that the past few years have gradually pushed me over my pre-pregnancy weight and closer to 30 years of age, I think it’s time, for the first time in my life, for me to pay a little more attention to the number on the scale.

While I will continue to focus on eating healthy and exercising (which I admittedly don’t do enough of), I recognize that I also need to redevelop the habits of eating more slowly (because having babies definitely trained me to eat faster!) and eating smaller portions (because nursing babies definitely trained me to eat bigger!).

In order to help me accomplish these goals, I am soon to be starting the Advocare 24-Day Challenge. I am hopeful that this will not only aid me in developing healthier eating habits but that it will also give me a little jump-start in “resetting” my body weight. I’m sure it will also be a great exercise in both self-control and focusing on the goal!

What’s your plan for staying (or getting!) healthy through the holidays and beyond?!