I’m In Organizing Mode!

We’re halfway through the month, and my “January energy” is still with me! I’ve been in organizing and decluttering mode since we returned home from our holiday travels a couple weeks ago. Thanks to the time commitment of homeschooling and my simple lack of homemaking motivation over the past several months, this “mode” hasn’t been a regular thing for me; so when the inspiration hits, I have to go hard with it while it lasts!

My projects so far have included a reorganization of the kitchen cupboards and all the closets, a rearrangement of the kids’ toys and art supplies, and a reassessment of a couple storage bins full of what we have not-so affectionately named “office junk.” Would you think less of me if I told you that a lot of this “office junk” has been with us in a disorganized/dysfunctional way since the beginning of our marriage? Yeah, I’ve been putting this project off for about 7+ years now. And just for the record, I would say that it was (almost) as bad as I expected it to be. :-)

The only bad part about this lasting drive to organize is that I’m beginning to run out of the projects that don’t cost any money. Some of our problem areas–such as the garage and our office space–can’t be helped much until we purchase some space-efficient storage solutions (wall-mount shelving, bins, tool chest/cabinet, etc.); and just making the discoveries/decisions for the design concept that will help us the most will be a huge project in and of itself. If I have to spend money to “fix” something, I want it to be fixed right (and at a reasonable cost!), you know?!

So while those bigger projects may have to wait, I’m sure there won’t be a lack of “smaller” things to keep me busy… or of important things to slow me down (like fulfilling Amariah’s request that I play American Girl dolls with her tomorrow :-) )….

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