Seeing the Beauty of a Break

I’m not a fan of cold winter weather, but I am a fan of this time of year. Why? Because it tends to find me more productive than usual! January not only represents to me a sort of new beginning (which refreshes me); but it also stands at the end of a Christmas break (which recharges me). A fresh beginning and renewed energy make a killer combo for that extra boost of productivity that this busy mom so needs.

The past week has seen me doing all those “optional” tasks which are the first to get bumped when my time, energy, and motivation are lacking–things like washing the window blinds, organizing the closets, and rearranging the kitchen cupboards. As I was joyfully working through some of these projects, it occurred to me that even though the work I was accomplishing would go virtually unnoticed by anyone but me, it’s such “thankless” household jobs as these which give me the greatest fulfillment. Just knowing that the hidden places of my home are neat and clean makes everything feel bigger, brighter, and just plain better.

My end-of-break/beginning-of-year boost in energy and motivation spills over into our homeschool, too, and that’s just as welcome as decluttered cupboards are! We resumed our school year on Monday, and I would say that second semester has started off with a bang. It always feels good to get back into a normal routine anyway, but doing something you love certainly helps the excitement factor! I think I’m a little extra excited, too, because I had the opportunity to join several other homeschooling moms from our community for a Homeschool Planning Day this past Sunday. I spent that whole afternoon and evening getting prepped and revved up for the remainder of the year. It was fun and fruitful, and I can’t wait to do it again next year!

I guess what all this tells me is that breaks and fresh starts are good, helpful, and even necessary. As pressed and stressed as we often feel, sometimes we just really need to rest and refocus. By doing so, we enable ourselves to come out on the other side better equipped to tackle the demands of life.

Wouldn’t you love to take this “January energy” with you all year round?! What are some practical ways we can build breaks and new beginnings into our schedules this year in order to stay fresh, focused, and fruitful?

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  1. Anna Randles Fanning says:

    I love this! I always look forward to Jan. And getting back into the swing of things after the holidays! Its one of my favorite times of year :)