Kids Say, vol. 18: Quiet Time Gone Awry

I usually try not to do my “Kids Say” posts so close together, but since the girls gave me another something to remember, I figured I might as well share it. :-)

After getting the kids ready for bed last night, I left them in their beds for some quiet time, suggesting to them that they could pray silently until I returned. When I went back into the girls’ room a few minutes later and told them it was time for prayer, Amariah said, “But we already prayed.” I said, “Oh, you prayed silently?” She replied in all seriousness, “No, we prayed with our voices. But when I thanked God for our underwear, Isabel and Elliana just started saying, ‘Please help our underwear to get home safe’ and ‘Please help our underwear to not get dirty’.” The two little giggles that followed were proof enough that it was true.