Marriage is No Place for Complacency

Just wanted to pop in and say that I’m over at Des Moines Moms Blog today with a very important topic: marriage.

Whether your marriage is thriving or just barely surviving, I think you can benefit from the lesson I’m learning–that just as anything good requires hard work and purposeful effort, so does marriage. Travis and I have a good marriage–maybe even a great one–but when “life” happened, we did what most of us naturally do: just enough to survive.

“Life” can be a myriad of different things or situations for different people. For us, it was the quick addition of kids to our marriage. We had four kids (plus one lost to miscarriage) before we celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary; and by what seemed a necessity at the time, we shifted the majority of our energies to raising babies. Putting “work” into our marriage was, for a time, almost more “effort” than I could muster. And I became okay with just being okay.

But I’m not okay with that anymore.

Marriage, a covenant relationship that is meant to mirror Christ’s relationship with the Church, is made to be glorious. There is no end to the depths of beauty we can find when we commit to diving in. If we are willing to put in the hard work and purposeful effort that a great marriage requires, we will be forever growing closer to all that marriage is meant to be. Marriage is no place for complacency, because complacency will take us nowhere.

As you consider that, I hope you will head over to Des Moines Moms Blog for more on “Working on a Great Marriage.”


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  1. Rosanna Elizondo says:

    totally feeling this!