Frugal Living: Measuring Frugality (and Myself)

Frugality is the topic on my mind today because… well, frankly, because I have been preparing for the “frugal living” talk I will be giving at our church’s Women’s Retreat this weekend.

I was asked several months ago if I’d be willing to lead a session on frugality, and I agreed only after taking some time to make sure I would have anything valuable to say on the topic. Though I’ve dubbed myself as “frugal” here on my blog and do generally consider myself to be a conservative user of resources, the idea of teaching about frugality in front of a group forced me to question my qualifications.

The truth is that I have really wrestled with myself as to my credibility on this topic; and the fact that I was wrestling with myself caused me to wrestle with myself even more. As I wrestled with my wrestling, I realized that all the struggle was the result of me making a fundamental mistake: in my self-judging, I was comparing myself to others.

Other human beings, of course, should never serve as our plumb line–in the area of frugality or anything else. Such comparisons are neither healthy nor conclusive. (And just for the record, they weren’t very affirming in this case, either. I was putting myself up against some pretty prudent ladies! :-) )

What the Holy Spirit showed me is that frugality should not be about the size of the paycheck or the price of the jeans; and it shouldn’t really even be about the discount received or the money saved. Frugality shouldn’t be measured in cents and dollars because that’s all relative. Truly, the only proper measure of frugality is the heart itself.

It is with this mentality that my “frugal living” talk will be shared this weekend. I’d love to give you a peek at some of the content that I have prepared, but I’ll have to wait until after the retreat! So stay tuned next week for more on this topic of frugal living!

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