A New Look for 30!

Every mom needs a makeover once in a while, right? I sure did. And what better time for a new look than my 30th birthday?!

I haven’t highlighted my hair since Abel was an infant, I get a pedicure about once every two years (if that), and I’ve only had one manicure in my life (and that in high school); but Saturday, I did all three!


My first ever Shellac manicure!

My first ever Shellac manicure!

I have to say… this Shellac manicure may be a gift to myself that keeps on giving, because I am loving it! It’s fun having nail polish that actually stays on; and if it helps grow and strengthen my nails like it’s supposed to, then I may have just found a new use for my monthly “blow money”! :-)


I consistently highlighted my hair from the time I was in 7th grade up until about 7 years ago. When I started having babies, I just couldn’t keep up with it and ended up going back to my natural hair color. I’d been happy with that decision until very recently. Maybe it’s because my hair seems to be getting darker as I get older or maybe because I’m ready for some summer sun, but I decided it could use a little color. And my 30th birthday seemed like the perfect excuse to make a change!




The highlights are “peek-a-boo” style, so growth will supposedly be disguised, allowing me to go a lot longer in between appointments (which is important to me at this stage of life). I even got a little brave a put a strip of pink in! See it there on the right, underneath side?

It sure was fun to be pampered for a day, but today it’s back to reality…. Here’s hoping my pink hair looks good in a ponytail and my nails hold up to housework! :-)


Speaking of making changes, I recently had the opportunity to work with a personal trainer; and I’m over at Des Moines Moms Blog today telling about it! Head over and check out my review of GroupEx with Geneva!


  1. Katie Cox says:

    Love the hair and nails! So fun!

    1. @Katie Cox Thanks, Katie! Your awesome new do probably inspired me subconsciously! :-)

  2. Trisha Hammond says:

    I LOVE shellac, it’s my secret addiction, I got tired of paying for it tho, so I splurged and bought a kit. I do it at home and even do my friends nails and my daughters. Only downfall is you miss out on the pampering part, but it ends up saving in the long run. Glad you treated yourself. A happy mom means a happy household!

    1. @Trisha Hammond  I didn’t know you can buy a kit! Do you have a link?