Learning to Dream

I recently attended a Women’s Retreat put on by our church, and one of the things the keynote speaker said which has stayed with me was, “Believe God for the dreams He puts in your heart.”

Sometimes I get so wrapped up in the responsibilities of the here and now that I forget to sit back and see the bigger picture. I know that God has wired me a certain way and given me specific gifts and interests, and I know that He has a unique plan for my life; and yet my short-sighted tendency is to focus only on what is to the exclusion of what could be.

Being fully invested in where life has me is, of course, a super important thing–the right thing; but the speaker’s statement got me to thinking. What are my dreams? What are the things I’d like to do someday, when the time is right?

I started wondering, “Has God put any dreams in my heart? And if He has (or does), will my practical nature allow me to acknowledge them?”

As I pondered that, I decided that there must be a healthy way to be both a content realist and a hopeful dreamer at the same time… and that maybe God would even use my dreams to direct me down His path.

So I gave myself an exercise in dreaming. Since time always seems to be the constraint, I asked myself, “What would I do if I had more time?” What I found is that I (currently) have three dreams in my heart. Whether or not God has put them there, I do not know; but maybe someday I’ll find out.

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