Top 5 Kitchen Electrics

When it comes to adding gadgets or small electrics to my kitchen, I’m pretty selective. Counter top/workspace and cupboard/storage space are limited and valuable, so any new thing that’s to be added to my kitchen has to add enough culinary value to warrant its keep.

Here are 5 valuable kitchen electrics that have made my cut.

1. Oyama® Rice Cooker

Oyama Rice CookerI love this thing. After 7+ years of eating rice that just wasn’t cooked quite right, the Oyama® Rice Cooker has been a welcome addition to my kitchen. We chose this one because of the sealed lid and stainless steel cooking bowl and steamer basket. And the other good thing about it? It cooks my rice faster than my vegetable steamer did. Just the other night, it successfully accommodated my last-minute decision to make rice for supper, cooking 2 cups of long grain white rice in under 15 minutes.

2. TASSIMO T20 Home Brewing System by Bosch

TASSIMO T20 WhiteI never was a regular coffee drinker until I decided to eliminate pop from my diet (again) a little over a year ago. While coffee drinking isn’t the healthiest of habits, I figure it has to be better than pop. And the coffee I make at home with organic cream and liquid Stevia is certainly more healthy (and less expensive!) than what I would get at Starbucks. Most people with a single-serve coffee maker probably have a Keurig, but I liked the TASSIMO T20 because of its small size and its ability to make frothy drinks (and… okay, I admit it… because it looks good sitting next to my Bosch Universal on the counter top…).

3. Bosch Universal Plus Kitchen Machine and Blender

Bosch Universal with BlenderAfter burning up a KitchenAid stand mixer in under 18 months of whole wheat bread-making, I learned that the Bosch Universal Plus is a must for bread-making success. This powerful, large-capacity machine also comes in handy for mixing up my rather heavy cookie dough recipe and my huge bran muffin recipe; and the blender attachment is nice for making smoothies, shakes, and pancake batter.

4. L’Equip Nutrimill Grain Mill

LEquip NutrimillI got my Nutrimill at the same time I got the Bosch Universal Plus. Prior to owning this variable high-speed grain mill, I was using a grain mill attachment for my KitchenAid–which was possibly responsible for the KitchenAid’s short lifespan. Since the Bosch doesn’t have a grain mill attachment, I needed a stand-alone grain mill. The Nutrimill takes up a lot of space in my cupboard; but its large capacity and mess-free design make it well worth its keep.

5. Krups Belgian Waffle Maker

Krups Waffle MakerA waffle maker is one thing I always thought my kitchen could do without, mostly because I had this perception that all waffle makers are bulky and space-consuming. My husband and son would drop hints from time to time about getting a waffle maker, but I figured we could just stick to pancakes. My griddle doesn’t take up much space, after all. But when we saw the Krups Belgian Waffle Maker and its sleek, upright storage design, my mind was instantly changed. I’m sure it’s not the nicest waffle maker on the market, but it certainly does a good enough job to earn its small space in the cupboard.

Those are my current kitchen must-haves. What are yours?


  1. Abagail Wieling says:

    I love my rice cooker too probably need a new one though so thanks for the suggestion! I really like my immersion Blender I use it all the time makes the eggs for french toast not so creepy on the bread!

  2. Tammy Rice says:

    My two kitchen must haves:  1. The Kurig Coffee Maker you gave us
                                                        2. You to come with you kitchen gadgets in tow so you can make 
                                                             me some of the delicious and healthy items you mentioned!  :-)

  3. Tammy Rice says:

    Two must haves for my kitchen:  The Keurig Coffee Maker you gave us and you to come with your kitchen gadgets in tow so you can make me some of the delicious and healthy foods you mentioned!  :-)