Last-Day-of-{Home}School Reflections

Friday marked the end of another year of homeschooling for us. As we wrapped up our final day of school, I felt a wonderful sense of accomplishment and gratitude for the most fulfilling year of homeschooling we’ve had yet. And mixed with those emotions were both excitement and disappointment–disappointment that our school year is already done and excitement for both a summer break full of family fun and for what lies beyond: another school year.

Maybe I’m a little nerdy for not being “soooo ready” for summer break and for already looking forward to next year, but I can’t help myself! For me, homeschooling has honestly been the most rewarding aspect of motherhood. I genuinely enjoy sitting around the kitchen table with my children, purposefully investing myself in them, and learning right alongside them. And each year just seems to keep getting better.

As our school year closed, I was thinking about how nervous I had been for it begin. I wasn’t at all sure how I would handle teaching a 1st grader and a Kindergartner while containing and entertaining two three-year-olds. But by God’s grace, it just happened. And it happened better than I could have hoped or imagined. It went so well that we even found the ability to throw ourselves into the pilot year of a new homeschool co-op, an investment of time and energy that complemented (not complicated, as I had initially feared) our educational and relational endeavors.

After checking off the last of my lesson plans on Friday, I (unsuccessfully) fought back tears as I praised and thanked the kids–and God–for a wonderful school year. I am so grateful that He has given us the ability and the desire to educate our kids at home and sound minds to learn the things which He wants to teach us.

As Isabel prayed, so I echo: “Dear God, thank You for a good school year. And thank You that we get to have a summer break and that You will be there.” Amen.

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  1. iatraveler says:

    We finished last Friday, too!  We were all ready to be done- but I know the best education is yet to happen as we go traveling this summer!