A Time of Refreshing: Embracing the Easy

This summer seems to be setting itself up to be one to remember. It’s not that anything particularly amazing has happened in the past couple months; but, so far anyway, it’s been just plain fun.

And I needed some fun.

This past spring was a hard one for me… primarily, I think, because I did some hard things. I’m not one to readily admit when something is hard for me–even to my own self (Why do I expect myself to be good at everything?…)–but in hindsight I think I can say that doing hard things was not only hard for me but also hard on me, both emotionally and physically.

But one by one, as certain commitments were fulfilled and responsibilities satisfied, I began feeling lighter… freer… better. Now, I’m not saying that I should have avoided those hard things. Certainly not, because so often it’s in the hard things that I learn and grow the most. I do think, however, that it’s okay… maybe even healthy… to embrace easy times, too.

This summer break has been a respite for me. It’s been a time of building memories and of rebuilding myself. Because, truth be told, spring had left me feeling sprung.

It’s amazing what a little extra time, some good books, a few hobbies, and lots of fun in the sun can do for a girl. I feel rejuvenated. I feel like the good and merciful Lord has given me a time of refreshing. And I feel like I want to use every last bit of it to the fullest.


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  1. Tammy Rice says:

    Cuties! All three!