Snapshots of Home

This particular week of the year is always a special one for me because it’s the week that the kids and I spend on my parents’ farm.

I love my suburban life, but there is something about my annual return “home” that is like medicine to my soul. And it’s more than just the people. It’s the place, too.

I can’t say that I wish to live on the farm now, but I’m certainly glad that I once did.

To take in and to appreciate the serene beauty of my childhood home was one of my primary desires for this year’s visit; and, in this moment, nothing gives me greater excitement than to be able to share some pieces of that beauty with you.

After spending a couple hours one afternoon walking around the farm alone with my camera, I managed to narrow my favorite shots down to a few. I hope you enjoy them as much as I feel them….

Fence Post


Bird Feeder


Flowered Fountain