Getting My {Household Act} Together

After a most wonderful and refreshing summer, we are getting back in the swing of things here in the Squires household. Our homeschool resumed today but not without much necessary planning and organizing to the end of getting my “household act” together.

I don’t really have an explanation or an excuse for my hiatus from following some sort of planning method for such duties as cleaning and cooking; but I know that my return to disciplined organization has been long overdue. Getting all things “home management” done in a timely manner without having a plan in place is hard enough, but doing so while also carving 3-4 hours out of my day for homeschooling is nearly impossible.

With the twins now officially in preschool and taking my homeschooling duties up a notch, I knew I dare not enter into another school year without a veritable attempt at getting my household act together. And my increased commitment at Des Moines Moms Blog (as the new Managing Editor!) has further proved my need to manage my time more efficiently.

As much as I have fought the dread of sitting down to make a menu plan or striking out to follow a cleaning schedule over the past couple years, I have finally reached a point where I am excited and empowered by the thought of returning to such discipline.

I know that a change of habits will require a little time and a lot of effort, but I pray that the Lord will grant me success as I strive to reinstitute some basic domestic routines and disciplines in my life. Certainly, I will serve my family AND my health better when I do what it takes to manage my time well.

So…here’s to not only a new year of homeschooling but also to menu plans, chore charts, cleaning schedules and more! How have I survived without you?…