Vacation Reflections: The Story that Lingers Still

Great Smoky MountainsAs I write this on the final night of our stay in the Great Smoky Mountains, my hearts feels full of joy that can’t be expressed and tears that won’t come. Perhaps the emotion is equivalent to that which provokes happy tears; or maybe it’s the spirit within me crying out for redemption.

Smoky Mountain WaterfallWe have seen some of the most beautiful wonders of God’s creation–creation which itself is groaning as it waits–and yet I know it’s only a shadowed glimpse of that glorious beauty which awaits us in heaven.

That place–heaven–is what this entire vacation has shown me. With every piece and feature of our vacation I have been reminded of the ongoing nature of God’s plan.

From the beginning of the story given at the Creation Museum to the snapshots of living history preserved in Cade’s Cove to the towering majesty of the mountains created by a God more powerful and imposing than they, the story of our vacation has been to me the picture of God’s story… a story that lingers still, building in me a growing anticipation of the closing chapters… and of the sequel that never ends.

Creation Museum Bridge


  1. tammy rice says:

    Beautiful sites and beautifully expressed! Isn’t God amazing!!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Brandy says:

    I am glad you guys had fun!!! It is absolutly gorgeous out there!!!!

    1. It sure is, Brandy! I couldn’t stop taking pictures!