4 Books I’m Reading Right Now

It’s no secret around my house that I LOVE BOOKS. Our shelves are bursting with them, as is my heart at the thought of enjoying them. My biggest trouble with books – other than finding enough places to shelve them – is finding (or making?) the time to read them. I do better at some times than at others. I managed to stay busy with books this past summer, and my resolve to read has continued into the school year.

Currently, I’m in the midst of four books. I don’t typically read more than one book at a time because, inevitably, one seems to trump the others until I’ve turned the final page. However, these current four are so uniquely invigorating that I find myself carrying all of them with me at all times, torn over which I ought to open next.

4 Books I'm Reading

Towel of Babel by Bodie Hodge

I picked this book up while at the Creation Museum this summer. Intrigued by the history and common origin of nations, I took a chance on what looked to be a far-too-scholarly read for me and brought it home. As it turns out, the book has not been as intellectually threatening as I had feared, but it has been more intellectually – and spiritually – stimulating than I expected.

To consider how this singular event – the confusion of the languages at the Towel of Babel – changed the history of the world both enlarges my view of God and makes closer my view of “distant” nations.

The Elements of Style by William Strunk Jr. and E.B. White

This little book was recommended to me by a writer-friend as a good authority on the usage of the English language. I know plenty of people who would shudder at the thought of reading through rules of grammar, composition, form, and usage; but I find such topics invigorating. In fact, when the watching of the football game from my leather recliner threatened to lull my tired eyes to sleep on Saturday afternoon, I dove into the chapter on “Elementary Rules of Usage” and perked right up.

Am I weird? Probably. But unashamedly so. :-)

Unleash the Writer Within by Cecil Murphey

This book was assigned to the Christian Writers group I’ve joined, and I was so excited to start reading it that I could hardly endure the two-day wait while it shipped. I love a book that makes me think, and four chapters in, I’m already pausing to ponder such questions as,

Why do I write?

What is behind my burning desire to express myself with words? 

Do I accept myself for who I am? and

Whom do I wish to please?

I pray expectantly that God will use the answers to these questions and more to speak to me and through me as I seek to live out a life of purpose and passion.

The School Story by Andrew Clements

Okay, so this is a read-aloud from our 2nd grade homeschool curriculum, but I include it here because I’m enjoying it just as much as (secretly, more than) the kids are. A book about a sixth grader who writes a novel and attempts to get it published, this fictional story of an unlikely author is inspiring to me.

Who knows…. Maybe even as I deepen my view of the world, grow my writing skills, and unleash my inner writer, I’m at the beginning of an unlikely story of my own. :-)