That Which Burns

Sometimes… or maybe it’s most of the time… I find myself going about my daily routine, so entrenched in my everyday duties that I fail to look out. And I don’t even realize that until, for one reason or another, I’m asked to dream… to think about the future and what it is that I’d like to see or have or do or be.

The Road Ahead

The passion behind this blog is the living of life–and the learning along the way–with an eternal outlook… with a perspective that sees beyond the temporal and into eternity. One that lives looking forward to that Day and that Place which at this time we can neither see nor imagine.

But that’s not the kind of “looking out” I speak of here. There’s this other kind of vision–a vision that dreams and pursues and believes and takes risks. A vision fueled by passion and realized by determination. It’s the kind of vision that requires not just a quick glance but a lingering and thoughtful gaze.

In April of this year, I shared a post on Des Moines Moms Blog entitled “Dreams for When the ‘Time’ is Right.” My contentedness with my life… and possibly some sort of fear which I haven’t yet recognized… typically keeps me from doing much dreaming; but the “maybe someday”s I shared in that post prove that I do meet with some visionary success once in a while…. :-)

The past week has been an inspiring one for me, the happenings of which have caused me to pause and wonder, “Hmm…. Is the Holy Spirit trying to tell me something?…” You see, this week has found me face-to-face with the same question multiple times in situations completely independent of one another. That question is,

What is your passion?

I tend to be one of those people who tries to do all that I do well. I have high expectations of myself… and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that EXCEPT that sometimes it hinders me. Because if I can’t do a great job at something… or if I think I can’t do a great job… then I tend to just not even try.

And my other tendency that is sometimes a hindrance is to think that if I can do something well, then I should do it. The result is that I’m not always focused with the way I spend my time and energy.

Two of the learning situations I’ve found myself in this week have told me essentially the same thing. To loosely quote the one,

“Resist the temptation to try to do a lot of things well, and do that which really burns in your heart.”
       ~Timothy Burns, Word Weavers International mentor

Tim was speaking via Skype to my Christian Writers group, but I felt like he was speaking directly to me. He went on to exhort me us to discover our God-given passions and to have confidence in the message that God has given us to share.

Another speaker I listened to this week shared a messaged he titled “The Road to Awesome.” In his talk, speaker and writer Jon Acuff discusses the importance of a step along “the road to awesome” which he calls the editing phase. Try lots of things and learn a lot, he says, but then be willing to remove some of those things that you’ve added along the way so that you can focus on those passions which really matter to you.

I am inspired. As I ponder these things and the possibilities that lie ahead, my heart feels full with an excitement I can’t yet describe. Because I’m realizing something.

I don’t want to live through perfection. I want to live through purpose and passion.

Live through Purpose and Passion