I Am the Slowest Shopper Ever.

Why am I so indecisive? I don’t think I used to be paralyzed by options, but I seem to be getting increasingly that way since becoming a mom. Or maybe since becoming a wife. With only nine months separating the two, who can be sure….

It’s kind of frustrating, really. I don’t have time to stand around debating options. My husband – and now my kids – know I’m the slowest shopper ever. I used to defend myself, but I’ve moved on to just sharing in their pain. After all, living with my own indecision isn’t always pleasant.

I went to Target yesterday to buy some new shower curtain liners, soap dispensers, and decorative towels. Easy, right? At least that’s what long-suffering little Abel said after minutes on end of watching me mull over potential color schemes. “No, it isn’t,” I told him. “It should be easy, but it isn’t for me.”

Maybe it’s my perfectionism? Or my particular-ism? Maybe it’s a fear of making a wrong decision. Or maybe it’s just my lack of ability to visualize. Whatever it is, it rends me a slow shopper. Period.

I guess there is a positive side: my kids are learning patience, my hubby doesn’t suffer for my hasty decisions (what are those?), and my bathrooms will look just like I hoped. I hope.

What about you? Are you more or less decisive since becoming a parent?