HIStory Unfolding

Iowa History

I can always use a healthy dose of reminding that this world is so much bigger than me and my lifetime. The kids and I have been studying Iowa History in our homeschool co-op this month. As we’ve taken a deeper look at this land we call home and the people who inhabited it long before we did, my worldview has grown and my sense of self has shrunk.

It’s easy to get so hung up on our own little moment in time that we forget to look back. We forget to remember the past – and the people who were a part of it. The people who lived real lives, felt real emotions, spoke real words, experienced real things. Real people, created, loved, and known by a real God in a real place and time.

The lives and lifestyles of those who have gone before intrigue me, but more than that, it’s the big picture in which we all stand together that strikes me with awe. When I look up and out and away from myself, I see history – not just a record of the past, but an overarching story stretching from the beginning of time to forever.

Of all the interesting things I’ve learned about Iowa History this month, the most significant is this: that it’s all part of God’s grand story. No single historical record or artifact or event or life can be interpreted outside of this larger context – that from the beginning of time the Creator’s story of the redemption of man has been unfolding.

Living with an eternal outlook means not only looking forward, but also looking back. How has history, the unfolding of His story, impacted you?